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dle-faq.ru FAQ (все вопросы) Хаки How to view full story in main.tpl ?

How to view full story in main.tpl ?

     24.09.2016    Хаки    408

i want hide or remove shortstory.tpl in main site. At the same time i put and display fullstory.tpl. in main.tpl or custom tag any.
Is possible? Anyone hack and give modification code.
i will use only one article in main page.
i am also using next previous module in fullstory.tpl

Pl understand and reply anyone,

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nowheremany - 24 сентября 2016 16:49 - Эксперт

It is necessary to rewrite a lot of mysql queries easier not to use fullstory

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Ойбек - 26 сентября 2016 07:37 - Юзер

hi, why do not you set up the number of panel output by admin News 1 ? it is in the Admin Panel - Setting up systems - News


sultan - 26 сентября 2016 20:37 - Юзер

hi, Ойбек
thanks for your reply
i will try it. but i got above 10000 articles, So more pages (ex .. www.site.com/page/1/......increased above 10000 pages).
previously i used 20 articles per page..
I have two questions.. pl Understand
1. how to hide full page pagination to google index.?
2. how to use next prev news module in main page? (now i will use full article page)...
above question will solved i will select 1 news in the Admin Panel - Setting up systems - News..


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