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Make template for attached files

     05.09.2012    Все вопросы » Хаки    1956

I'm trying to make a template for attached files in DLE 9.6, but i dont know why this hack is note working!
1. in engine/modules/functions.php find:
function show_attach($story, $id, $static = false) {
    global $db, $config, $lang, $user_group, $member_id;
...... тут код....
    return $story;


2. Replace by:

then in my template folder i have a atach.tpl with this code:
Файл : <a href="{link}"><b>{name}</b></a> ({size})
<br>[count]Скачан: {count} раз[/count]

I need some help to make this hack for DLE 9.6 :(

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